The competition.

The competition will be held at Oslofjord Convention Center, Sandefjord, Norway from Monday 26 June until Saturday 1 July, 2023. It is open for all individuals who are over 40 years of age or who will be 40 years of age in 2023 (Born 1983).

What’s on when?Where is the venue?Can I participate?What does it cost?How do I enter? Double partner?How do we play?Health?Visa to Norway?Tables and balls?Small print?Can I cancel?How do I pay?Full directives and regulations

What’s on when? - Schedule.

Schedule, updated May 2023.

Saturday, June 24
Accreditation 12:00-23:00
Training 14:00-20:00
Social event 19:00-00:00
Sunday, June 25
Accreditation 10:00-23:00
Training 10:00-17:30
Opening ceremony 18:00-19:00
Welcome Party 19:00-00:00
Monday, June 26
Players arriving at the accreditation after Monday, 10:00 hrs. will not able to participate in the Double‘s Qualification. Accreditation must also be done well in time before your singles group starts. Keep in mind there may be queues at the accreditation desk.
Singles qualification 09:00-22:00
Social event 19:00-02:00
Tuesday, June 27
Doubles qualification, all categories 10:00-18:00
Social event 19:00-02:00
Wednesday, June 28
Play for life – public health programme All day
Click here for Social Mix Double 10:00-19:00
Social event 19:00-02:00
Thursday, June 29
Table Tennis Talks All day
Singles main draw, and consolation 10:00-18:30
Social event 19:00-02:00
Friday, June 30
Doubles main draw, and consolation (Finals) 10:00-16:00
Singles consolation (Finals) 16:30-18:30
Oslofjord Farewell party 19:00-02:00
Saturday, July 1
Semi-finals doubles 09:00
Semi-finals singles 11:00
Finals and award ceremony doubles (65-85) 13:30
Finals and award ceremony doubles (40-60) 14:45
Finals and award ceremony singles (65-85) 16:00
Finals and award ceremony singles (40-60) 17:15
Social event 18:30-02:00

Where is it? - The venue.

The European Veterans Championship 2023 will be held in Sandefjord, Norway, at Oslofjord Convention Center from 26 June to 1 July 2023 on 116 tables in two playing halls with excellent playing conditions.

Everything is in short walking distance on our resort, including the venues, the hotels and apartments, restaurants, festival square, activities, beach and more.

Our One venue – One village concept makes it possible to play table tennis, eat, sleep, and have fun together with your friends without spending time and money on transport.

Can I participate? - Events and categories.

All players over the age of 40 and those who turn 40 during the year2023 (born 1983 or before) can register for the Veteran European Championships. 

Upon request of the organisers or the Referee participants shall present their passport/ID card as proof of age. 

We will compete in the following age categories:
40-44 years (born 1983 - 1979)
45-49 years (born 1978 - 1974)
50-54 years (born 1973 - 1969)
55-59 years (born 1968 - 1964)
60-64 years (born 1963 - 1959)
65-69 years (born 1958 - 1954)
70-74 years (born 1953 - 1949)
75-79 years (born 1948 - 1944)
80-84 years (born 1943 - 1939)
85 years and over (born 1938 and before) 

Each category will have the following events:
Men’s and Women’s Singles
Men’s and Women’s Doubles 

If there are less than 4 players or pairs entered in any of the events, the ETTU shall have the right to cancel the said event. 

Every entered player is allowed to participate in one singles and one doubles event. A player must participate in her/his own age category, except in doubles if the players of a pair do not belong to the same age group, in which case they shall have to compete in the category of the younger player.

What does it cost? - Entry fee.

Entry is closed

This is what you pay Last day Participant Accompanying person
Early bird 30 November 2022 185 Euro 65 Euro
Regular 30 April 2023 200 Euro 65 Euro
Late entry 15 May 2023 200 Euro 65 Euro
One-day-ticket for non-accredited persons At the gate 15 Euro
This is what you get Participant Accompanying person
Accreditation V V
Access to the Village with social activities V V
Access to the Venues and spectator seats V V
Access to opening ceremony and parties free of charge V V
Gift from the organiser V V
Program V V
Access to shuttle bus service from Oslo Airport, Torp Airport, Stokke Railway Station, and to Sandefjord and Tønsberg (for a fee) V V
Participation in singles and doubles V -
Access to the training hall V -
Diploma V -

How do I enter?

The only way to register as a participant or as an accompanying person is to fill in the online entry form.

Entry is closed

We ask each participant to enter a reference mobile phone number. This will be used solely and exclusively for health issues, and to convey all useful information, via SMS or WhatsApp, relating to their participation in the event.

The entry fees, both for participants and accompanying persons, can be paid by VISA or Mastercard inside the online entry system.  

If you don’t have a VISA or Mastercard, you will have to pay by bank transfer. Read more about it in the How do I pay section.

Double partner? – How to find and choose a double partner.

Once the entry fee is paid, players will receive further instructions via email on how to find a partner. The double must be confirmed by both players. The deadline for finding a partner is May 31st 2023 at midnight. After that date, your doubles partner will be chosen randomly.

Find your double partner here.

The organisers may accept alterations of entries of doubles entries only in case of verified absence of one of the players until 10:00 of the first playing day.

Non-accredited players on Monday 26 June 2023 at 10:00 will be excluded from the doubles event.

How do we play? - The system.

Each singles and doubles event shall be played in 2 stages.

In the first stage there will be qualifying groups of 3 or 4 players or pairs. If there are 5 players or pairs in an event, the event will be played in one group of 5 players or pairs.

In the second stage, players or pairs having finished first or second in their group, will qualify for the European Veterans title events. Players or pairs having finished third or fourth in their group, will be entitled to play in the corresponding consolation events. Both competitions shall be played on a knock-out basis.

If the number of players or pairs in an event is 5 or less, a second stage will not be played, and the winner of the group will be the European Champion in this event.

The organising Association will provide International and National umpires for the second stage of the title events and the finals of the consolation events. In the qualifying groups, members of the groups who are not playing shall make themselves available as umpires. In the consolation events, the loser of a match shall umpire the next match at the table where he or she played.

All matches shall be determined by the best of 5 games.

Each player is entitled to a 15-minute rest between 2 matches.


Every entered player shall accept responsibility for his/her health condition and for his/her participation. Neither the ETTU nor the organisers can be made responsible for accidents, injuries, loss, or any other incident which might occur. We do not provide any health- or travel insurance for the participants but recommend all participants to ensure that they have medical, travel and other appropriate insurance for the duration of the Championships. 

Medical staff will be present during the event. 

The organiser reserves the right to make changes in the tournament, in relation to restrictions or limitations that may be imposed by future regulations on the containment of the spread of Covid-19 or similar.

Visa to Norway?.

If you need a visa to enter Norway, you will have to apply to the competent authorities of your country. If you need an invitation from EVC2023, please contact us on .

If you are a citizen of an EU/EEA country, or United Kingdom, Andorra, Cyprus, Vatican, Israel, Moldova, Monaco, San Marino, or are a holder of a biometric passport from Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Serbia, or Ukraine, you do not need avisa to visit Norway (visa-free).  (updated February 2023)

Tables and balls? – The equipment.

EVC2023will be played with:
• STIGA Expert tables (blue)   
• STIGA Nets   
• DHS DJ40+ balls (white)

Small print – Some things we need to tell you.

Up to 4,000 players can participate in the EVC2023. Entries above the maximum number will be placed on a waiting list.

The draw for the qualifying groups shall take place at least one week before the start of the championships.

Seeding will be made based on seeding lists setup in cooperation between representatives of the Ranking and Veterans Committees.

Each player is obliged to compete at the time and table set by the competition schedule. The player is responsible for keeping informed when and where to play. Any player who fails to appear at the scheduled time will automatically lose the match, after a 5-minute waiting period. 

After the end of their matches and before leaving the table players must check the results on the score sheet and sign it. 

During the competition, players will be required to wear their back numbers. 

The organisers accept that no restrictions should be made regarding drinking water in the duration of a match. However, drinking water will only be specifically allowed at the same time as the “towelling” regulation. 

No advertisement for alcoholic drinks and tobacco shall be worn by the players in the playing halls.

Can I cancel? - How to cancel your entry.

Cancellation fee
Up to August 31st 2022 Full refund
From September 1st 2022 until March 31st 2023 50 %
From April 1st 2023 No refund

Cancellations of the entry and requests of refund can only be done by sending an e-mail to, specifying the name of the persons that should be cancelled, and:

• The number of the receipt we issued you after the entry
• Your IBAN/BIC or RIB and the name of your bank
• The name and surname of the holder of the bank account, or
• The number of the credit card with which the entry was paid

This will only cancel your entry in the championships. Hotel reservation, sightseeing etc will not be automatically cancelled.

How do I pay?

The best way to pay is by VISA or Mastercard, inside the online entry system. This is fast, safe, and low-cost, and you avoid any surprises when arriving to Norway.

If you don’t have a VISA or Mastercard, the entry fee may be paid by bank transfer. This is also possible. However, this means that your bank might withhold additional transfer costs, exchange costs etc, leaving you with a balance to pay to the organiser on arrival in Norway. This balance must be paid with a credit/debit card before you get your accreditation, back number, and other documents you need to participate in the championships.

Norges Bordtennisforbund
Sparebank1 Østlandet
IBAN: NO8018034054009

If you use bank transfer, the following data must be entered in the description:

• Name and surname of the participants
• Registration number from the proforma invoice sent to you by e-mail

The entry will be accepted only after we have received the entire required entry fee.

Full directives and regulations.

Full directives and regulations for the EVC can be found here:

Directives and regulations

The ITTF handbook chapter 2 (The Laws of Table Tennis) and chapter 3 (Regulations for International Competitions) can be found here:

ITTF handbook

Welcome to EVC2023 – Sandefjord – Norway

One village - One venue

Norges Bordtennisforbund (Organizer)
Sognsveien 73, 0840 Oslo
Company registration number 971 235 403 

73, rue Adolphe Fischer
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