Stay at Oslofjord - Don't miss out on the magic

Karl Børre Reite

At EVC2023, all participants will stay at Oslofjord Convention Center. Read all about it here.

When you come through our gates, Oslofjord will be “Table Tennis Town” for the whole week. One of the most special effects of hosting a sports event in a convention village, is the magic that happens when people with a shared passion come together, and stay together for a longer period of time. When they share time and experiences with those in their community, a strong sense of togetherness and common purpose will take form and enhance the overall experience.

The village is personal enough for you to retreat, but still remain part of the community. Enjoy the village and the opportunities for relaxation and company with other table tennis enthusiasts. Give room to the informal meetings, build relations and friendship that lasts and learn from other people’s success.

Read more on the the resorts own event page:

Norges Bordtennisforbund (Organizer)
Sognsveien 73, 0840 Oslo
Company registration number 971 235 403 

73, rue Adolphe Fischer
L-1520 Luxembourg (LUX)
Ph (o): +352 223030