Mix Double open for entry

Karl Børre Reite

For the first time in EVC history, there will be a Social Mix Double. Entry is now open.

The Social Mix Double will be played Wednesday 28. June. It is not an official EVC-event, at least not this year. However, we think it will be a lot of fun! The format will be groups of 3 pairs, with the winner of the group going to the main draw. Schedule and final age groups will be released after the entry is closed. There will be an entry fee of 216 Norwegian kroner for the pair,  which is about 20€.  Social Mix Double will be open for participants and guests in EVC2023 only. We only accept complete pairs, so you should agree with your partner first. If you are looking for a partner please request one at https://www.facebook.com/groups/evc2023info .

The entry system for Social Mix Double is found here: https://evc2023.webzenter.com/. See the webpage for further instructions.

Welcome, and have fun!

Norges Bordtennisforbund (Organizer)
Sognsveien 73, 0840 Oslo
Company registration number 971 235 403

73, rue Adolphe Fischer
L-1520 Luxembourg (LUX)
Ph (o): +352 223030