EVC2023 website opened

March 4, 2022
Karl Børre Reite

Welcome to our brand new website. Norway will host the European Veterans Championship from 26th of June to the 1st of July 2023. We are really excited to tell you all about it!

The venue will be Oslofjord Convention Center in Sandefjord. This will also be our own table tennis town! Everyone will play table tennis, eat, sleep, meet friends and have fun in our own village. You don't have to spend time searching for your friends – everyone will be here! We are really looking forward to seeing you all in the venues, in our restaurant streets, at concerts and parties and of course at our special beach club!

We offer accommodation in 1-6 bed rooms/apartments, all including private bathroom, kitchenette and washing machine. The prices for rooms and hospitality will be among the best you can find in Norway. And of course: The venues and your friends are just on your doorstep, and you may keep your room the whole departure day!

It will of course be possible to visit Sandefjord and Tønsberg, and we will have a sightseeing programme for the free day. We will also offer pre and post tours of Norway.

Entry for the tournament, accommodation at Oslofjord and sightseeing/tourism will open in June 2022.

Please have a look at the website now, and start planning!


Norges Bordtennisforbund (Organizer)
Sognsveien 73, 0840 Oslo
Company registration number 971 235 403

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